Tiffany is going Abroad!!!

 30 May
 London, United Kingdom
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 Tiffany Fulson
Facebook I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to study abroad this summer in London through Arcadia University London Internship Program, which I am raising money for. To me, this opportunity is a BIG deal and has the potential to be life changing. So I thought why not make it an event! Essentially, I have started this event to better inform and spread the word to every single one of my Facebook friends about my campaign on gofundme. If you can, please take a moment to read my story on gofundme. There is absolutely no donation too small every single dollar helps. Literally every single $1 helps. I have over 3,000 friends on Facebook, therefore if every one of you can help me out by donating at least $1 I will be more than half way to my goal. Also, if each and every one of you can help me to spread the word about my campaign by inviting friends to this event, sharing my wall post, or simply word of mouth I know we can reach the full goal. I want to thank you all in advance for all of your help and support! You have no idea how much this opportunity means to me, and with your help I am getting closer and closer to my dream! Thank you! PS. Unfortunately, there is a limit with the number of people I can invite, but the event is public. So please help me by sharing my event so as many people as possible can see it, join it, donate, and share it! Thank you, I appreciate you all!

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