13 June
 Casa Grande, AZ, United States
  - 85122, 85130, 85193 - -
 David Joseph Ohlinger
DNA Sound Labs, Tru-Vibe Collective, Dark Nois and Collective Intelligence present a professional desert event: THUMPER DISCOUNTED PRESALES! Vip will not be sold at the door Http:// We are bridging the gap between Phoenix and Tucson with a beautiful new desert location. Camping is free - campers must vacate the property no later than 4pm on Sunday, June 14th. All attendees are expected to treat the natural surroundings respectfully - this is a no trace event! Expect Huge Sound, Oversized Lighting Rigs, Multiple Lasers, Insane Stage Deco, Digitally Mapped Projected Visuals, and Unexpected Talent. Non musical performers are scheduled throughout the night - don't miss the dance squads and circus freaks! Vendor merchants will be present and stocked with art, accessories and jewelry for sale. Food and drink vendors include smoothies by Grind Queen Smooties, BBQ and non alcoholic refreshments. FEATURING: Cloudskipper - C.M.Beatz / Happy Vibe (Honolulu, Hi) Cloudskipper has been one of the leaders of the North American hardcore music scene. His rise to become one of the most respected and anticipated hardcore DJs AND producers is especially prevalent in his live sets, taking you on a journey through the various sub-genres he manipulates. Lately, his "UK crossbreed" sets have been both raising eyebrows and lighting up dancefloors everywhere! Ever since he started DJing in 1997, Cloudskipper has maintained a steady rise to become one of North America’s most popular and respected hardcore DJs. He has displayed his unique energy onstage and solid mixing in almost every major city on the continent and has performed in England several times ****************************************************************************************** DJ Nightstalker - Insomniac / Bassrush /Dub Chamber (Los Angeles, Ca) With his flawless technique and signature style behind the decks, DJ Nightstalker is a name that has become synonymous with dancefloor mayhem and West Coast junglism. Having rocked crowds from the Mojave desert to Tokyo, Japan alongside the likes of Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, Noisia, Tech Itch, Dillinja, Black Sun Empire, Hive, Dieselboy, and Gridlok, DJ Nightstalker continues to be known for pushing audiences to the breaking point and transforming an average night out into a high-energy, mind-bending journey. With over 20 years in the game as a scholar, writer, editor and journalist for outlets like Insomniac, Bassrush, Knowledge mag, URB, XLR8R, Vice, and the DNB Vault, the time has come for DJ Nightstalker to once again transform into that dark figure of the night, ready to unleash the beats that will have crowds bouncing off the walls and climbing up the speakers begging for more.. ****************************************************************************************** Dj Thumper - Kidz of the Kore, Kikwear (San Diego, Ca) Long ago at an underground party deep within the depths of San Diego, kandi ravers stomped as hardcore rang through the warehouse. Suddenly, there was a catastrophic melt down of bass that crumbled the walls of the building until the rave was in ruins. The next morning as the sun came over the horizon, a lone kandi kid now known as Thumper crawled from the rubble valiantly. He was composed of 100% pure concentrated hardcore and knew that from that day forth his destiny was to dominate dancefloors with happy high paced beats, bouncy cheese, and thumpin' bass. ------------------------------- DJ THUMPER! began producing electronic music at the age of 12, and since then has opened for world class Hard Dance talent such as Lady Faith, Psyko Punkz, and Koyote. During his time spinning Happy Hardcore and Gabber at parties throughout southern California, he has gained a following of dedicated kandi kids and hardcore enthusiasts. Known for spinning eclectic and exciting sets, Thumper is bound to keep you on your toes and on the dancefloor. *************************************************************** DJ RUTHLESS RAMSEY Born in Minneapolis, this Arizona DJ appropriately coined “CAPTAIN CASSETTE” and the “THE KING OF THE CASSETTE” has skyrocketed to international acclaim. At the age of 7, DJ RUTHLESS RAMSEY began experimenting with the dual cassettes. Due partly to necessity from poor living conditions and mostly through a divine calling, he created something many have tried to imitate but none have been able to emulate! DJ RUTHLESS RAMSEY has been the topic of many news outlets such as FOX, disc jockey 101, and the DJ TIMES. Now sharing the stage with Turntable legends like DJ JAZZY JEFF, DJ QBERT, Z-TRIP and many other’s DJ RUTHLESS RAMSEY is primed to make his mark in a cassette mixing genre he created! Here is a couple vids for ya to check it out for yourself. Last time we had ramsey scratch up the tapes for us, people were talking about it for weeks. This time he is right in the middle of his turntapelist tour and ready with some fresh cuts for us!!! check out his website at ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Local Dj's from phoenix AND tucson; DNA STAGE - Dj Emile Emile Ananian Rule Eleven Jerak Wakefield Eddie Romero Eddie Romero Disfunktion Casey Disfunktion Cooper Digital Slaughter Jason Uruckus Hall Patrick Grund McQuiston Qwik David Joseph Ohlinger --------------------------------------------------------- TVC STAGE - Atom Energy David Atom Energy Cable FIX Adam Gilliland Maestro Maestro Inpersonatto Prometheus Dj Prometheus Lyfesaver ILeen ToTheleft Decadance DecaDance Xochiq Dj Xochique ---------------------------------------------------------------- COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE STAGE - jusBcus, Erratik and DJ Mojo as #TWC (Tucson Wrecking Crew)- Drum and Bass Wes Erratik DJ Zona vs DJ Excell- Breaks DJ Zona Mike Sparxx vs Brandy Violet- Jungle/Drum and Bass Michael A. Willott Brandy Violet Kai Loo vs. Joshua Richard- House Kai Loo Music Joshua Richard Zac Brandt vs. Wildcat -All Vinyl, Drum and Bass Zac Brandt DJ Eschaton-Techno Eschaton *************************************************************** Still more annoucements to come. stay tuned __________________________________________ Also we are very happy to announce that Scott Harwood and Deadpool Underground will be bringing out several lasers and a beautiful lighting rig which is sure to blow your minds. And we have Albie Alves doing his amazing blacklight reactive fabric art for stage deco. Check out their pages. You will be amazed. I was. Much love to everyone involved in this show. All of you. You are the lifeblood. We are hoping to announce at least one of Tucson's stages this friday and their local support. Don't forget to get those invites out, this is going to be good. ____________________________________________

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