Thrown & hand built with Laurel Keeley

 14 June
 Coombe Farm Studios, TQ6 0JA Dittisham, Torbay, United Kingdom
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 Coombe Farm Studios
We introduced Laurel Keeley Ceramics as a new tutor in 2011 to our expanding range of professional artists teaching short courses at Coombe.She now teaches two courses a year which are always popular. This week-long course focuses on throwing and handbuilding & what you make is decided by each individual student. It's a great course for everyone from beginners to professionals.Laurel's autumn course is also suitable for all and has a focus on ceramics for outside spaces (patio, garden, driveway etc) Laurel is an internationally recognised ceramicist who works with coloured slips and drawn line in stoneware and porcelain clays, with glazes and oxides applied, often enhanced with Gold Lustre. The slab bowls, plates and pots are vehicles for figurative designs of fish and fields, rivers, canals and glimpses of the world through windows. More recently she has been working with images of gardens and landscape, her method informed by painting. Having exhibited her work at Coombe for over 15 years this new course is a natural progression to introducing Laurel's work to an increasingly wider audience. The course is designed to allow both experienced potters and beginners exploring clay for the first time to do slab and coil work, as well as throw pots on the wheel. Students will work in stoneware with coloured slips and drawn line. The scale of Laurel's ceramics ranges from tiny pieces that fit in the palm of the hand, to coil built forms a metre high and students will have the chance to make and fire, both small and large-scale work according to their own ambition. Laurel graduated with BA Hons in English and American Arts and an MA in Commonwealth Literature. She studied ceramics at Exeter College of Art and Design and has been working as a potter for 30 years, selling work throughout the UK in selected galleries and exhibitions. Laurel has received two Arts Council England Major Awards for her work and is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Her ceramic pieces are owned worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside and interact with Laurel through her work.

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