THREE POETS ONE MIC (your weird ginger friend and two of her friends shout into a microphone at the brighton fringe)

 22 May
 Over Broadway
 10 Steine Street - - Brighton - United Kingdom
 Rosie Hess
from the 19th-22nd of May myself and two other incredibly talented poets are going to be sharing a mic for an hour as part of the fringe festival. quite nicely, the last date is also my last ever uni deadline so it seems the perfect time to invite me chums to come and party like it's 1999/the end of the world/2012. tickets are a fiver which is less than £2 per poet and if i'm not even worth £2 then maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore. Watford and London dwellers, let me know if you'd need a place to crash as soon as you can and i'll see what i can arrange for you. also spread the word and invite everyone you can think might be interested (in the poetry or the partying) because i will forever be forgetting to invite people to things. tickets and other such info here:

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