THIS WILD RISE...WHAT NEW WAY WANTS TO RISE UP IN YOU: Invoking your own Creative Well-workshop with Rebecca Holt

 16 May
 Private residence in Sandy Utah
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 Words that Breathe
“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” -Hazrat Inayat Khan THIS WILD RISE-WHAT NEW WAY WANTS TO RISE UP IN YOU: Invoking your own Creative Well - women's creativity and divine feminine retreat- with Rebecca Holt Date: Saturday, May 16th, 2015 Location: private home in Sandy Utah (details and address will be sent out after registration) Time: 1pm-8pm **deliciously designed afternoon snacks and love infused dinner included Cost: $150 if registered by May 14, 2015. $175 after May 14Th. This is an intimate gathering... Be sure to REGISTER WITH THE LINK BELOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Contact Rebecca at with questions. Come spend this luxurious, nurturing day with me and some of my most favorite creative, dreamy wild women as we weave the magical back into our cells… as we breath and sing miracles over the bones. We will be dancing with the dear “inner little” in you, allowing her voice to come out, allowing that sacred way inside of you that you have always known… to spring forth! We will be invoking the sweetest nectar of our own souls weaving our time together throughout the workshop with: • Sacred space, ritual and ceremony • Sound weaving with crystal bowls, African drum, sacred chanting and sacred healing sound • Despacho and fire ceremony • Moonlight sacred group Sound Weaving water ceremony in a heated outdoor jacuzzi The day's divinely feminine Woven Tapestry: • We will begin with the setting of sacred space and group altar • Making our way next to Nurturing Golden Prana Mama Earth Elixir Restorative Yoga taught by the deeply feminine, ocean yoga goddess, MichelleCunninghame of Free Spirit Mountain Spa, accompanied by soothing, silken respite Sound Weaving―with Rebecca Holt • Followed by a Creative Arts Expression exercise, taught by Expressive Arts Therapist, artist, witness and lover of beauty in all of life around her... My amazing Mama @jerilyn holt • Then moving into a dreamy, divinely wild feminine teaching and process taught by teacher, love and sacred sensuality goddess, Evie Gerontis, centered around sacred sensuality and sexuality, and true whole body and soul, self love infusion through sacred ritual and ceremony • Followed by a sacred "creative well" despacho and fire ceremony • Completing the day with a nighttime group sacred Sound Weaving in a heated outdoor Jacuzzi under the moonlight overlooking the valley Tune into your own divine song the brilliance of the “I AM” that you are and come home to your own true nature sing out with the truth of who you are! “JOY is a state of GRACE. It is the art of being in love with your life. It is the understanding that your unique existence is like a splendid thread of silk that is continuously weaving itself into the MAGIC CARPET of life.” What brings you closer to Falling in LOVE with your LIFE? What is SINGING through your “SOLES” today? Are you LISTENING? We are all made up of energy we all have a unique note, an inner symphony where the truth of who we are is free to sing to dance… to move and soar with the divine. Can you feel something brilliant in you waiting to be born…. That idea, that work, that song, that poem, that story that you long to share with others and can’t quite conjure up the courage and support to come out with it? We will be spending the day tapping into our inner wildness… The magical childlike home that resides in all of us that loves to dance and sing, paint, write, laugh, swim, skate, play hopscotch, play dress up. She is longing for her own voice… her own unique note to come out! WHAT NEW WAY WANTS TO RISE UP IN ME What new way wants to rise up in me what tiny bud is stretching out of the sacred ground the ashes have cleared the ground for my desire quickening the very seeds of devotion moving my heart in waves I can hear the whispering of canyons red ocean tides of inner miles uttering… breathe yourself onto this sacred road the way you have always known is holding your own spring forth to the season of your combining -Rebecca Holt Join me in weaving the Sea of Divine Sounds that remind us of the true essence of who we are…the sounds that truly make us come alive!

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