This Too! : An Original Musical Created by Alec Irwin

 12 June
 3301 Taylor Rd, Loomis, CA 95650
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 Alec Alejandro Irwin
I am excited to announce, the first ever public performance of This Too! an original musical created by Alec Irwin! There is no cost for admission, however the donations we recieve will be going towards helping our friend Amberley Sewell get a new wheelchair. The show is a relatively short, heartfelt story about finding love and purpose. The story follows Even Parcel, as he tries to work up the courage to ask the love of his life, Julie Wheatley on a date. His siblings, Jake and Sarah, see his struggling, and decide to see what they can do to meddle, and help their brother out. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all of them, a greater force is in the works, and only time will tell what the universe has in store for their lives. The show will be a relatively short, casual performance. All are welcome! CHARACTERS Even Parcel : The oldest child of the Parcel family. Even is a somewhat reserved, somewhat awkward boy somewhere between the age of 17-18. In the story now, he has been plotting for weeks on how to get his love interest, Julie, to come with him to a Halloween party that will be happening this Saturday, but has yet to gather the courage to ask her. Even would be described as defensive. He is generally annoyed (as many are) by his slightly younger siblings. He is the heaviest singing part, and will need to be played by someone will a good vocal range. Jake Parcel : Even’s slightly younger brother. The oddball of the family. He is very charismatic, the type of person who would ask a group of strangers to jump off of a cliff, and you expect they would comply. He speaks with a sort of elegance and pride that you get the impression he thinks of the world as he stage, and he the lead performer. He is a natural born leader, and a natural born manipulator. He only uses his powers for good (so far) though. He has made it his personal mission for this year to loosen Even up. He and Sarah have been trying to work out a plan to get him to jump out of his comfort zone. He has a couple duets, and will require a strong vocalist. Friends with Peter Dawson. Sarah Parcel : Even’s slightly younger sister. Outgoing and very thoughtful. Sarah and her other brother, Jake, are very close. The other two want to be closer to Even, but the feeling isn’t necessarily mutual. She is the sort of person who is very involved in school activities, and is dead set on making the best future for herself as she possibly can. She has incredible motivation to make great changes to the world. She has a generally light singing part, and one solo. Julie Wheatley : Even’s love interest. Julie is intended to appear as your average high school girl. She is popular, but not the most popular. Emotionally stable, doing what she is supposed to. She is involved, but not the most involved. She should embody the average school girl that the world ‘wants’ her to be. She is completely oblivious to Even’s interest. She needs to be a very strong vocalist. Peter Dawson : Charismatic, a lot like Jake. Peter is the sort of person that tends to give people the wrong impression. A sweetheart on the inside, but because he comes across as so loud and brash, many people are put off by him. Especially Even, who has declared Peter to be his rival, unbeknownst to Peter, who would probably be pretty upset to get this news. Peter is close friends with Jake, and the two of them (and Sarah if she is around) often go on crazy adventures together. Peter is also a heavy singing role. Samuel: A homeless man who lives down the street from Even. He is very friendly, but on every occasion he attempts to greet passers by, is very disappointed in the fear, and general distaste people express towards him. Still, nonetheless, he attempts to do his best to avoid becoming bitter about it like everyone else does. Mr. Baxter: The teacher. He has been doing this teaching gig for many years, and darn it, it's starting to get old. Not to say he dislikes it, or dislikes the students whatsoever, but you can see the career fatigue setting in with his general lack of empathy for his students predicaments. A speaking only role.

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