"This Fine Sorrow" The Alchemy of Presence

 31 May
 Storytelling Hut, Emerson , Forest Row
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 Duncan Mackintosh
You are warmly invited to an Alchemy of Presence workshop ‘This Fine Sorrow’ with Duncan Mackintosh ‘You that seeking healing of this fine sorrow… Be truthful now See yourself as you plainly are You have a hidden wound And this is no time for posing… When inward tenderness finds that secret hurt The rock will crack and ahh- Let the soul emerge’ – Rumi The ‘Alchemy of Presence’ springs fundamentally from the recognition that there is a profound impulse in Being to ‘remedy’ the most ancient and subtle wound human beings suffer - the sense of separation seemingly inherent in embodiment. A healing grace can work in the soul, when there is a willingness to allow direct contact with the truth of our actual experience in the context of deepening into Presence. When two or more are gathered, this field of loving intelligence is enhanced and works with us- gently, tenderly- exactly as we are, to unfold and reconnect us. In this day workshop we will gently enquire into our direct experience, allowing our mutual presence and dedicated attention to create the crucible for this subtle alchemy. We will also explore other fundamental aspects of this work that support our deepening and embodiment. The Storytelling Hut Emerson College Forest Row 10am – 5pm £40/£30conc Sun 31st May Please bring lunch to share Booking: please call Duncan on 01342 824514 / 07816 378989 or email: thealchemyofpresence@gmail.com ‘Lo, I am with you always’ Recent comments from participants in Alchemy of Presence workshops: “It's remarkable - so instantly to have felt myself in that deeper place of presence which I cannot on my own. At times it felt like being completely immersed in this warm vibrant energy field that was there filling the space.....and it keeps on nourishing me even now.” - Riem “Wonderful! I reached a place I had never been… after years of searching ... Extraordinary” - Priscilla “Duncan’s workshops create a deep and beautiful sense of release into a field of Love... simple practices that help us sink into ourselves, here and now… - a state of Grace that transforms” - Maggie “ You really have a genuine gift for facilitating this wonderful work, please do keep going with it! ” - Paula For further reviews and descriptions of this work see: www.presenceworks.co.uk ‘There is no greater benefiting of beings than pure and

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