The Windsor Walk

 30 May
 Windsor, South Africa
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 Windsor Community Co-operative
This is the first of upcoming annual walks and is themed, YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Our aim is to activate and sustain a cleaning programme by raising funds with a community FUN WALK. The sustainability of the cleaning project is of the most importance as we are of the ethos that a clean environment is a safe and healthy environment. We envisage employing a number of permanent employees, within Windsor East and Windsor West, in order to partner with existing cleaning and/or waste organisations, which are appointed by state funded entities, to maintain the cleanliness of our communities streets and public areas or facilities. The FUN WALK will also assist in the unifying and building of a communication skeleton in the community. This is important as it helps the community to share ideas, help each other, protect one another and curb misapprehensions caused by our general differences as community residents. Our fight against poverty, crime, drugs and corruption; amongst other things; has been creatively put together by this initiative as it combats all of these injustices effectively and assists us with our ultimate goal of living in a well-run, productive, motivated and safe community. Go to for more information or if you would like to volunteer your time to assist the organisers.

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