The Weekly Floor Hockey Game at the Lindenhurst Park District Gym

 17 May
 Lindenhurst Park District
 2200 East Grass Lake Rd - 60046 - Lindenhurst - United States
 Larry Temple
Let's play floor hockey at the Lindenhurst Park District gym (2200 East Grass Lake Road, Lindenhurst, IL) during their open gym time on Sunday between 7-9pm. Men and women are both welcome. Anyone 18 and over can join. The facility provides the ball and the goalie nets while we need to bring our own hockey sticks (plastic blades only). They charge $4.00 per person for residents of Lindenhurst and $5.00 per person for non-residents. The game will start around 7:00pm, as soon as enough players are available for a 6v6 game (alternatively, 5v5or 4v4 games would be played instead if there are less than 12 RSVPs). The two teams playing would divide the rest of the players equally (or almost equally) between them, while each team will make substitutions on the fly as we'll try to make sure that no one would sit on the bench any longer than 8 to 10 minutes (we might have two different games on each half court when around 20 players or more plan on attending). I want to stress that our focus is to make this as fun as possible, while still being competitive and safe. This means that the hockey sticks are not to be raised above the waist (to avoid face, hand, or arm injuries) and body contact should be minimal (NO ELBOWING, TRIPPING, HOCKING, CHECKING OR SLASHING). In addition, NO SLAP SHOTS ALLOWED (when the stick is raised to waist height or higher on the back-swing before striking the ball for a shot), only snap shots (when the stick is raised below waist height on the back-swing) and wrist shots are allowed. The park district has a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct. If a player is deemed to have instigated a fight or has attempted to deliberately injure another player, he/she will be BANNED from participating in these games and if needed the game would be stopped until the offending player leaves. Please note: If the expected attendance will be low (less than 8 players) the game will be canceled. I also plan to check the Lindenhurst Park District website a day before the game to make sure that the gym would indeed be open for us and I'll let everyone know it has been confirmed here on Facebook. Please check this page before you head out. Hope to see you there!

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