The Way of Woman - Tantra retreat for Women

 19 May
 Ashland, OR, United States
  - 97520 - -
 Marlies Cocheret
The Way of Woman - Silence and the Female Body: A Tantra retreat for women May 19 - 26, 2015 7 delicious days of nurturing and befriending our female essence. At a beautiful retreat site just outside Ashland, OR Woman so deeply k nows what is possible in form as love. That is her connectedness speaking,her feminine intuition. In this coming together we will explore how it feels to be safe and delight in our bodies. We will learn ways to connect more deeply to our senses and our sensual natures and bring this aliveness into everyday life. We will feel ourselves soft yet strong, quiet and alert, receptive and discriminating, an effortless balance of feminine and masculine within ourselves. And you will take home a daily practice to cultivate vitality, silence and friendship with yourself in your body. The main focus of the retreat is to slow down, be still and listen. It is in the slowing down that we hear our body’s language and find our way back to wholeness and radiance. What is it like to feel yourself in your skin? What would it be like to have your breasts smiling, your belly warm, your ovaries dancing and your yoni as your beloved? For many years Marlies has been ushering women into the mysteries of the feminine. She has a deep love of being with women who are awakening to their true nature, and delights when women make their journey home.Marlies has been offering satsang since 2000, when Adyashanti asked her to teach. She also works internationally as a Hakomi therapist, psychologist and a certified tantric educator.Marlies is one of twelve women featured in the book ‘’Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom”, by Rita Marie Robinson. She is known for being loving, yet direct, with a sense of humor. She brings spirituality down from the clouds into this human body experience. Info & Registration: Ditte at Housing and event fee: Housing: $840 pp includes room3 delicious vegetarian meals, tea & snacks. Event Fee: $495 before March 15th $595 thereafter Early registration recommended! To reserve a place please contact Ditte to pay your $250 deposit and for payment options.When we receive your deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation letter. Come and join this adventure with yourself and other women. We’ll share wonderful food, sensualities, laughter, intimacy, silence, resting, stories, joy and more… “Marlies brings a deep presence to the Sacred Sexuality workshops that provides safety and invites a profound healing. Her work with sexuality is a precious and much needed gift to women. I wish all women could experience the healing that she offers!” LML “I’ve never before drunk so deeply from the soul of the safety of sisterhood and from the well of the womb of womanhood. I am surrendered, free and grateful at last.” Lisa W

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