The Valerie Fund Walk & JAG Physical Therapy 5K Run

 13 June
 Verona Park, Verona, Nj
 Verona, NJ - 07023 - Fanwood - United States
 Debbie Wellington-Jackson
Go Team Lorenzo!!! Lorenzo was born with sickle cell disease, at birth he would sleep a lot and I thought he was just a really good baby, then he went through the spell of crying to the point of screaming for hours and sometimes he would have high fevers with the crying, sometimes I thought it was due to him teething, I gave him everything but nothing worked, his old primary doctor would tell me that he had a viral infection and that it had to run it's course, sometimes it would last for days, thank God nothing serious happen because God had him covered. One weekend he got sick so I had no other choice but to take him to the local ER and they told me he was having a sickle crises and that it was life threatening and he had to be admitted into the hospital and referred me to Valerie Fund at Newark Beth Israel Hospital, I had no idea how serious sickle cell disease was, Lorenzo has been admitted into the hospital over 70 times with sickle crises, and had hundreds of hospital visits with sickle cell crises that cause his lungs to collapse and pneumonia in his short 11 years, he's been on medication since 3 months old, he now how takes daily chemo medicine to keep him from having serious sickle cell crises, thank God instead of being admitted in the hospital 8 times or more a year he is now only admitted once a year and or 2 ER visits. Lorenzo lungs are also affected by sickle cell disease and without daily asthma medication his lungs don't work to it's full capacity. Lorenzo has to go to the doctor every 3 months for blood work and lung functions test to make sure he is not having any complications, plus yearly brain scan because he is prone to strokes and blood clots. Sickle cell patients also have many complications from swimming in cold water, playing in the snow or being in extreme heat, they also get dehydrated very easily. These past 11 years have really been rough for him, I thank God Lorenzo has been responding very well to the chemo medication, it is very depressing seeing your child crying in pain and knowing there is nothing that you can do but try and comfort them, the worst pain is holding in how much you are hurting because you can't let them see that you are scared and worry. Unfortunately because of the type of sickle cell disease Lorenzo has he still has to experience extreme blood culture when he is having a crisis, believe me it is no fun watching your child scream while you have to help hold them down. I must say this experience has really made Lorenzo strong because now when he goes to his appointments he just hands them his arm and tell them go ahead and do what you have to, I asked him aren't you scare anymore he said no I just prepare myself for the worst. I thank God for his bravery, strength and for keeping him and I thank the wonderful, amazing and supporting doctors and staff of the Valerie Fund at Newark Beth Israel Hospital. Today at the age of 10, even thought he is doing fine his struggle is not over with this disease so we asked you to support our team to help raise fund for Lorenzo and other kids like him that suffer from life threatening disease by joining our team and donating to the The Valerie Fund in their annual walk. We thank you in advance. Verona Park Bloomfield Ave. & Lakeside Ave. Verona, NJ

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