The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio - DUBLIN

 23 May
 The Lantern Centre, 15 Synge Street, dublin 8, Ireland
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 The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God
Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry... Padre Pio The Two Roads Healing Ministry, Eliza White Buffalo with Padre Pio of God. Saint Padre Pio of God ( May 25th 1887 – September 23rd 1968) This Capuchin Monk was gifted with the ability to perform healing miracles. He was also able to levitate, bi-locate, apparate, transfigure and read souls. He bore the wounds of Jesus which smelled of divinity. He works through many gifted living souls, projecting his Spirit directly into the physical being of Eliza White Buffalo for the purpose of giving healing blessings. Eliza and her twin soul/spiritual life guide, Black Elk, will host a gathering of spirits. These spirits work together to heal and guide us here on Earth, through The Two Roads work. Part of that work is to allow spirits such as Padre Pio as close to the conscious world as possible, through the physicality of Eliza, in order to bless and heal. To find out more about Eliza and the ministry visit and like Facebook Page - The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God. The Ministry relies on donations to keep going so please give generously. The suggested minimum of 15 euro each will cover expenses, more will ensure we get out and about to help other communities. Thank you. The proceedings usually go like this: 1 - A preliminary talk introducing Eliza and The Two Roads, including the spirit team. 2 - Eliza goes into trance and brings through Padre Pio. Anyone wishing to receive Padre;s healing blessing of Grace comes up to sit in front of Eliza/Padre for a couple of minutes. About 15 people will be seen by Padre this way. 3- Eliza will bring through any of her spirit team that wish to speak at this point, about healing or other. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. 4 Padre will see about another 15 people. 5 - After a break there is a prayer circle to end the evening, at this time those who did not receive a one on one will receive a healing blessing from Padre and the entire team. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "-Eliza is a truly gifted and beautiful soul who works closely with Saint Padre Pio to offer help and healing to the world. If you or anyone you know is in need of healing I would recommend paying Eliza and The Two Roads Healing Ministry a visit, you cant help but be touched by the power of Spirit working with and through her. I for one am very grateful for the experience, which will stay with me for a very long time." John Armstrong "Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! for all the beautiful healing you gave me today in Derry. I was at Conway mill last week and I've been on a high all week. I didn't think it could get any better, but boy it did! so happy and grateful! The world needs more beautiful souls like you, Eliza " Frances "Thanks for an amazing memorable spiritual energy charged healing powerhouse, A day i will never forget You are an amazing person/soul, you channelled only positive energy and powerful healing. Words dont do the day justice, Eliza, THANKU X" Celine. I would like to share my experience with The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God I attended healing session on the 14 March in Derry/ Londonderry. I had a accident with my bicycle 2,5 years ago (I had a bleed in my brain and nerve damage, and other smaller problems). Since then I had great problem with vertigo attacks ( mostly weekly, sometimes a few days a week) and Tinnitus (24/7). I also had the feeling that my head wasn't clear, a feeling as if I'm in a cloud, and at times found it hard to concentrate. I didn't know what to expect from The Two Roads Healing Ministry, with Padre Pio of God, and went open minded to the session. To describe what and how this event is working I find difficult ( I think Eliza should maybe do that) for me it was a beautiful but also a bit strange event. With a amazing energy of love, healing and devotion. Since receiving the healing I experiencing a big change, my head feels clear again, my energy levels are back up again. I start to join far more things again, and have now more trust in myself that I can do them. I know it is still early day, but I'm open and trust that this healing energy can work and transform. I do need to come back and ask if they also can work on the Tinnitus, because that hasn't changed yet. With all my Love, and very grateful." "This was an amazing experience! Thank you so much to make this possible, and thanks to the whole team. And YES I'm open for the healing I received!!!" "Eliza White Buffalo, Thank you so much for your divine intervention! i could actually see Padre Pio in your face yesterday in Derry! amazing powerful experience" "Thank you for today, if anything i can do to help spread the word of the great work you and your team are doing let me know xx love xx" "What a wonderful experience today was, thank you, Padre and all the team for making it happen. I saw amazing healing taking place right in front of my eyes, what a pleasure it was to be present. I am so grateful bless you." "I just wanted to thank you for the healing I received. I found it to be a very moving, powerful experience. " "Thank you for a wonderful, powerful and positive morning, I left a better and stronger person, the energy was amazing." "It was a wonderful experience. l have come away different l feel so settled inside, thank you."

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