The Strange & Beautiful Collection

 16 May
 Exeter Street Hall
 16-17, Exeter St - BN1 5PH - Brighton - United Kingdom
 Jonathan Brown
Three New One-Person Shows from Something Underground Theatre Company Moon Tales Written and Performed by Kate Darach Directed by Jonathan Brown, Pulling Up The Drawbridge Written and Performed by David Stephens Directed by Jonathan Brown Je Suis: A Fool's Guide to Cliff Edges Performed by Jonathan Brown, Live musical score by Simon Scardanelli Every Saturday Night in May 6pm till 10.30pm See each show individually. Or 2-4-3 tickets for all 3, on different nights if you wish. All at Exeter Street Hall, Exeter Street, Brighton. Tickets: Moon Tales written and performed by Kate Darach. Thirteen tales inspired by the old names for the full moons. Under a Hunters Moon, a middle-aged 'cougar' plots her next conquest, two sisters wish life were a story in Egg Moon, while in 16th century Yorkshire a woman contemplates the Harvest Moon. This celestial body witnesses each character's explorations of the particular and universal aspects of womanhood. Argus Angel Award Winner Brighton Fringe 2015 We have a Winner already! Moon Tales is the next MUST SEE this Fringe. Directed by Jonathan Brown. --------------------------------------------------- Pulling Up The Drawbridge. written & Performed by David Stephens. George can feel the earthquake coming. It’s going to change his island forever unless someone is prepared to defend it from the onslaught of ugly words, weird fruit and antisocial spiders. George is prepared. He's finally woken up and smelled the soup and now he's ready to defend his castle. A darkly comic and poignant play by David Stephens. Directed by SUTC's Jonathan Brown. --------------------------------------------------- Je Suis: A Fool's Guide to Cliff Edges The fool steps off a cliff. Will he fall or fly? Telling the story of the moment in a land where anything is possible, from the irreverent to the sacred, the daft to the deep, the hilarious to the hallowed. Award winning Jonathan Brown takes you on a wild, newly-discovered-each-performance theatrical journey with live musical score from Simon Scardanelli ( and in-the-moment plunges into archetypal worlds. Costume by June Bradbury & Chloe Slater. Jonathan won Best Male Performer Brighton Fringe 2013, Best New Play, Brighton Fringe 2012, Best Male Performer Nominee Fringe 2007, Best New Play shortlisting, Fringe 2013. "Thank you for your show. I loved it... brilliant piece of story telling. It was great to be part of something intimate .... engaging, moving, challenging, compassionate and funny.------pretty much anything I have seen in the theatre over the last couple of years. Afterwards, I felt that I had been taken on a journey and come back knowing something new - which is just what theatre should be like." Andrew Miller, co-director, Wishworks Puppet Theatre Company. Link to here for more details and ticketing. Something Underground Theatre Co. Winner, Best New Play Btn Fringe 2012 Winner, Best Male Performer, Btn Fringe 2013 Shortlisted, Best New Play, Btn Fringe 2013 Best Male Performer (nominated) Btn Fringe 2007 Best Female Performer Btn Fringe 2014 Nominated Best Female Performer Btn Fringe 2013 More info: 0787 9832857

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