The Spirit of Gravity:Clive Henry;Slow Slow Loris;Lorenzo Abbatoir

 04 June
 The Green Door Store
 Unit 2, 3, & 4 Trafalgar Arches, Lower Goods Yard, Brighton Train Station - BN1 4FQ - Brighton - United Kingdom
 Geoff Cheesemaster
The Spirit of Gravity and Hardworking Promotions present Lorenzo Abbatoir; Clive Henry; Slow Slow Loris Lorenzo Abbatoir Italian structural sonic engineering Slow Slow Loris Berlin melodic noise duo Clive Henry The thinking man of HNW Slow Slow Loris Slow Slow Loris is a new experimental/avant-garde noise-music duo from Berlin, Germany that uses voice and electronic devices to reveal the melody within the discord. We played our debut show at the Schlagstrom Festival 2014, followed by several Berlin noise events and a US east coast tour, all to a great response. epic, sweeping live performance using vocal melodies, samples, various instruments, live looping and multiple pedal chains to coax the music out of the noise. Like wanting to protect an endangered species, they enter raw emotional imagination to give the nuances of subconscious permission to come forth. Lorenzo Abbatoir Lorenzo Abattoir (aka Nascitari)_Italian based sound engineer & noise artist since 2008, founder of several projects with various international noise artists. He works as a solo artist or with the electroacoustic collective Mare di Dirac in which realized ritualistic performances with the use of field recording samples, microsound and unconventional musical instruments, combine with the natural sound effects of various locations. Using oise generators, Tape recorders, Shruti box, Granular synthesis, Real-time sampler, Lorenzo Abattoir studied the various resonances of the materials and their interaction with unusual types of microphones. Clive Henry "Clive Henry has been actively pursuing sound for over twenty years. whilst he has done this in bands and looser groupings, his solo work has seen him pick an untutored route through “noise” and associated areas. his work has often been autobiographical, with recurring themes and ideas including: dissonance, the process of decay, and the human body as instrument. recent recorded work has concentrated on noise textures and “Harsh Noise Walls”, as well as pieces more clearly akin to musique concrete; whilst live performances have utilised vocal work and a commitment to physicality and tension. his formative experiences in music occurred within the DIY punk/hardcore scene and the values of this community continue to inform his musical activities and beliefs. he was a founder member of the Bang The Bore collective, who have organised gigs and occurrences around the uk. he has played across Europe and the us, and been heard on radio 1. he lives alone in southampton, with no friends but hundreds of noise tapes which all sound the same. He dislikes writing short bios. - See more at: I don't believe in free will, but it gives me a sense of freedom. Cost £5 "the spirit of gravity: making experimental music a threat again - since 2012"

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