The Special Snowflake Tour at Funhouse Lounge in Portland!

 24 May
 Funhouse Lounge
 2432 SE 11th Ave - 97214 - Portland - United States
 Johnny Taylor
Portland, Oregon! Click to buy tickets: Stand Up! Records sends two of it's most exciting artists out on the road to thrill and delight audiences of a certain demographic. This is year three for KLJ and JT touring together. It's a bromance of epic proportions. This year the duo are supporting a Hulu special (Keith's Atheist Christmas) and two new albums (Johnny's Tangled Up In Plaid, and Keith's Atheist Christmas). Their decidedly low key, some would even say dead pan style of confessional stand up is making them fans the world over and earning them accolades from such notable publications as TimeOut NY (4 Stars) and The Washington Post ("Demented Genius"). People you've never heard of have also said nice things (Good show guys. Really funny.) Come on out and have a great evening. The comics stick around and fraternize with the common folks after every show, even often asking for a couch to sleep on. Johnny will get drunk, and Keith just acts weird if he's awake past 10pm. A good time is had by all.

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