The Secret Garden of Eden

 24 May
 2183 Mission St - 94110 - San Francisco - United States
 Clove Eros
An art event and CLOVEROTICA zine release party. When God punished Adam and Eve by making them ashamed of their nude bodies, that really pissed me off. The Secret Garden of Eden celebrates all that we are conditioned to keep private. Our bodies, our desires, our morbid curiosities... these things are as natural as the lush flora setting where they became taboo. It is natural because they come from within us and is part of our humanity. Why should we feel ashamed of pieces of ourselves? Content will be inspiring, arousing, provocative, and offensive :) subjects include sex, violence, gore, mental illness, obsessions, death, confessions, fetishes, and of course, the human body. I invite artists to explore these topics through painting, drawing, photography, digital art, mixed media, installation, and live performance. The following lineup is subject to change: ACIDBATH . ALRAD . AIMEE PEPPER . ALEX KOFMAN . ALEX WELCH . ALICIA INGERSOLL . ALISON CASEY . AMBER LEDET . ART MARIN . ASHLYNN DANIELSON . CEAVER . CHAVI . CHRIS MICRO . CLOVE . DIORE . DURAN . EON75 . FEMONE . FILTHGRIME . FINGRS . GABRIELA BENITEZ . GENEL SISON . GROW DCK . HAM . HANG 10 . IGNI . ILOVEU . IROT . ISABELLE ROSA . JEANNETTE FARRELL . JESSICA HESS . JOANNE LUDWIG . JULES TANSECO . KANSO . KAWENA . KRISTIAN KABUAY . LEON . LOGO . MARIO NAVASERO . MATT BOURNE . MATT MINTER . MELANIE CHOI . MF URBI . MISTRESS VYRA . MYNX . NINA . N.O.BONZO . RACHEL ESCOTO . RAFAEL MORENO . REAK . REBELSTILSKIN . SIDY . STREETBLEACH . STELA . STEVIE SHAKES . STEPHANIE SARLEY . VYAL ONE . YENTA LIVE BODY PAINTING by Anthony Duran and Chris Micro LIVE DJs all night: SkeptOne, Puzzle, DJ Stupid Dumb, and DJ Agana SPECIAL PERFORMANCES by Redd Fauxx, Jain Dowe, Mistress Vyra, and more! Merch tables will be set up with prints, gear, patches, etc. There will be a raffle for posters signed by artists at the end of the night. Dancing and release of inhibitions encouraged. Please respect the venue and all staff, and especially the performers and artists who are sharing intimate parts of themselves with you through each piece.

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