The Rites of the Womb - The 13th Rite of the Munay Ki

 17 May
 Ormeau, Australia
  - 4208 - -
 Joslyn Bryan
The 13th Rite of the Munay Ki is a tradition developed by medicine women in the jungles of South America, and has now been passed along to us from an unbroken lineage of Q’ero Shamans from Peru. There are only nine other Rites in the Munay Ki. The Rites of the Womb is the thirteen as it is a special number in terms of femininity to be sure: there are 13 full moons in a year, and the lunar cycle is exactly and inextricably linked to the female cycle of the womb. The Rite is an energetic transmission of divine healing, bringing the energy and the spirit of the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) to support this ceremony that is so needed: The womb is not a place to store fear or pain. The womb is to create, and give birth to all life. The beauty in this Rite is that it can be for personal healing of the physical and spiritual/psychic centre of the womb. This can be not only for individual women, but for the collective damage and oppression that women have felt for many generations around the world. In turn this will also helps to provide much needed healing to the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) herself, where it is needed so much right now. Once you have been given the Rite, it is then up to you to pass this Rite on to as many more women who would like to receive it so that this Rite may continue on and reach the four corners of the world assisting the entire planet. It is a beautiful ceremony where the women gather and men hold sacred space through the use of drumming and music whilst we receive our Rites. During the ceremony you will receive the Rites and in return gift the Rites to another woman. I hope you all join me for this celebration of feminine beauty. Aho! For a brief look at the ceremony please visit to see Marcella explaining and passing this Rite on to others. I plan to hold occasional circles where women (and men if desired!) can come and participate in this Rite. Please note for any woman who have had operations on the womb than this Rite is very good for you to receive. Any men who have had issues or trauma related to a Mother figure or women may also benefit and receive the Rites of the Womb. To start the night off and to connect to Mother Earth and set Sacred space Rameka Chin will hold his monthly meditation. Meditation is $20 for the night. Further details for the meditation will be posted shortly. The Rites of the Womb are gifted from Pacha Mama and Spirit to you. Munay x

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