The Real Wine Extravaganza

 28 May
 Windhoek Country Club Resort, Namibia
 B1 Western Bypass, Windhoek South - 9000 - Windhoek - Namibia
 Md Pearson
The Real Wine Extravaganza Windhoek & Barrel Auction Rhino poaching have reared its ugly horn in Namibia too. Admittedly not nearly on the endemic scale of many of our neighbours. As many an aspiring criminal with a hunger for a change of scenery have discovered in recent years - in Namibia the arm of the law is long. And remarkably strong. And very, very swift. Sadly, many an optimist who took the view that African law enforcement is all on the same standard, (read non-existent) have come to realise - to their eternal regret - that assumption is and remains the mother of all bugger-ups. Namibia still boasts one of the lowest violent crime rates in Africa, and part of this success story is that the citizens of Namibia work hand in hand with our law enforcement agencies. Many a guest of our government can attest to this fact whilst enjoying (in the loosest sense of the word) a simple, and fairly uninspiring meal, in practical clothing that would have Coco Channel and Karl Lagerfeld running for the hills, screaming. As part of this collaborative law enforcement initiative - to keep our rhinos horny and happy and alive, the Next Generation Conservation Trust is hosting a black tie wine auction at the prestigious Windhoek Country Club & Resort on 27 May 2015. This initiative - to raise funds for unmanned aerial recconnosance aircraft capable of filming and tracking both man and animals from 2,4 kilometres - even in the dead of night, as far as 80 kilometres from its base station, is sponsored by Bank Windhoek, and is supported by the top business community of Namibia. Over the next three days - 28,29 and 30 May 2015, the 12th annual Wine Extravaganza will follow at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort. 18 of South Africa's top export boutique wine farms will again offer free unlimited tastings of more than 100 of their finest wines and port and sherries and muskadels. Tickets are available at the door at N$ 150 per person. The times of the show is 16h00 - 22h00 on Thursday and Friday, and 11h00 - 18h00 on Saturday. In a nutshell - the Wine Extravaganza is Namibia's most prestigious trade show. Don't miss it!

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