The Practice of Presence Advanced Course

 15 May
 Ojai, CA, United States
  - 93023 & 93024 - -
 Hearts in Harmony with Katie and Gay Hendricks
The Practice of Presence The end goal of a richly satisfying life isn’t to have more; it’s to be here more. Are you present for the irreplaceable moments of sharing love and creating experiences of value to you and others? Presencing can flourish inside in stillness and with others in the activities of each day. As we practice presence rather than discuss or debate its value, we grow our ability to let presence create a field of deep connection where creativity expands lifelong. Presence can replace adrenaline addiction and free you from the fear trance and the repetitive victim-villain-hero drama that encapsulates many peoples’ lives. In this experiential weekend we’ll be illuminating the facets of presence through the deep exploration of attention: • Using attention by choice, being able to direct your attention where you like regardless of outside circumstances • Being able to shift the lens of attention by choice, for example, to take in the tone of a room and to then shift attention to one person while being aware of the group • Sustaining tones of attention, for example, getting relentlessly contactful, using attention like a good dancer able to direct varying amounts of energy and juice through you and with others • Sounding your attention tone clearly while the environment vibrates at a different level, for example, enjoying your buoyant happiness while another person is expressing anger or sadness • Shifting into curious attention by choice, rather than operating from a critical, what’s wrong now use of attention • Allowing a flow of attention between you and others so that you refresh your attention reservoir rather than slipping into depletion and eventual burnout • Allowing your attention to flow through emotions freeing their contribution to your full aliveness • Joining attention and energy flow by choice to be able to presence small and large cycles of energy in you and with others • Releasing attention in a friendly way to support completions and new beginnings • Letting your attention touch your experience directly so that you are present to your deepest body intelligence • Reading attention cues from others accurately, for example, seeing and sensing the flow of feeling in another Benefits of the practice of presence: • Living in time-freedom • Being able to create big external results with small, strategic shifts • Embodied relating • Renewable creativity and collaboration • Increased savoring of life each day

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