25 May
 Zagreb, Croatia
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More about IFCC program: Homepage: Get tickets: Blender is powerful: this is the notion that Miroslav Brozovic and Oliver Villar will get into your brain during this talk. Blender is a free and Open Source software, but regardless of the fact that is free, it's a totally professional 3D design and animation suite in which you can do everything from modeling, to texturing, animating, rendering, and compositing. It even includes features like motion and camera tracking! Miro and Oliver will amuse you showcasing different projects so you can see by yourself what types of things you can achieve with Blender: environments, technical design, characters animation... they'll also talk about the phylosophy behind the software and its benefits. I you're considering adding a 3D software to your toolset, make sure to join this event and learn about Blender. It will blow your mind that a free software can be so powerful!

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