The Ontario Cosplay Wars FAN FICTION READING!!! (Anime North 2015)

 23 May
 Toronto Congress Centre
 650 Dixon Road - M9W 1J1 - Toronto - Canada
 Jack Buchanan
Yes, we will be returning to Anime North! But in a different way than before... For the first time, we will be doing our first ever FAN FICTION READ THROUGH! HOW DOES THIS WORK - At Anime North from 3:00pm till 5:00pm, we'll be gathered together in a location, to read though and act out a Fan Fiction, featuring music and sound effects to give the mood. Whatever parts are given, whoever wishes to join will be handed a copy of the story and will choose a character to act out. In doing so will read out and act as there chosen character. Again, this is a first for us and we would love for you to join us. This will also give those who write the stories allot more fans and interaction. So come one come all, the invitation is open for all fans!!! Hope to see you there. FIGHT ON!!!

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