The Next Level Radio - May 13th 2015 - premiers finals from the Nepalese Relief Benefit - Visionary Art by Android Jones - VII23 Hosts

 20 May
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 David Avatara
#thenextlevelradio , #glitchfm , #streetritual , #nepal , #visionaryart , #androidjones , #benefit , #sacredbass , #relief , #compilation , #internetradio ,#exclusive , #mixes, #interviews , #podcast , #glitchhop , #begreenrecords , #davidavatara , #reikigrandmaster , #reikigrandmasta , #notforprofit , #unreleased , #vii23 The Next Level Radio - May 13th 2015 - premiers finals from the Nepalese Relief Benefit - Visionary Art by Android Jones - VII23 Hosts AIR TIMES IN YOUR AREA Every Wednesday afternoon/night at: 4pm-6pm Pacific 5pm-7pm Mountain 6pm-8am Central 7pm-9pm Eastern Every Thursday Morning/Afternoon/Evening at: 11pm-1am GMT 12am-2am United Kingdom 4am-6am Italy 8am-10am Thailand 8am-10am Russia 1pm-3pm Australia 5pm-7pm New Zealand last episode The Next Level Radio - May 13th 2015 - premiers finals from the Nepalese Relief Benefit - Visionary Art by Android Jones - VII23 Hosts and an exclusive final listen to tracks from the Nepalese Relief Benefit Compilation. Being organized by and with submissions from artists like Akara David Sweeten Father Bear HeavenlyFather ill.Gates Inner Forest Intellitard Kaminanda The Nadis Warriors Nanda Musik Nas Ja Novascope PHloEthik Pockitz Subatomica The Avatara VII23 TRIBΔNE Tripmendous Wasabi Jackson Zenotope and more! Visionary art on the promo by the legendary ANDROID JONES As well as a live mix to follow by your DJ, founder, director and host - THE AVATARA VII23 aka David Avatara - Phoenix, USA Blessings to you reading this! “I am a pan-dimensional sentient being comprised of light and sound who is focusing a physical manifestation into your sphere.” Please tune in wherever you have streaming enabled browser with internet - directions AND LINKS can be found at or on RSVP to the ongoing facebook event page plz rsvp mobile short link *** look for our #gofundme and other #crowdfunding campaigns soon to help get us continue to bring you the best in cutting edge music, exclusive interviews and content and live streams. *** Recent Past Guests Would Include Akara bioLuMigen Dj Dakini Erothyme Eukarya Heissmusik Jamie Janover Knowa Lusion Love and Light Phutureprimitive Random Rab Rigzin Soulacybin Subaqueous The Human Experience - David Block The Digital Connection And rumored casts upcoming soon featuring Androcell Deya Dova Dubvirus Kalya Scintilla Mochipet Mumukshu Plantrae StratOsphere Temple Step Project Whitebear Zapper live PA Zenotope and more! Rumored exclusive interviews with Charles Shaw - Film director and radio host Chris Dyer - legendary visionary skate artist Julian Reyes - Head honcho at Keyframe Entertainment Luke Brown - Legendary Visionary Artist Samuel Farrand - Legendary Visionary Artist Be Green Records on the web sites facebook AND Visionary art images featured with permission on promos by the legendary masters A . Andrew Gonzalez - Android Jones - Archan Nair - Ashley Foreman - Aumega Art - Cameron Gray - Chris Dyer - Chris Saunders - Dela - Derek Heinemann - Geoglyphiks - GioHorus - Hakan Hisim - Jake Kobrin - Jack Shure - Jeremiah Allen Welch - Jonathan Solter - Justin Bonnet - Krystle Smith - Luke Brown - Luminokaya - Mark Henson - Michael Divine - Michael Garfield - Olivia Curry - Randal Roberts - Ryan Johnson - Sam Farrand - Somnio8 - Stuart griggs - Vajra - and more announcements soon! Sponsored music link!! please support our show, green futures, visionary art, and conscious bass music being the change we want to see! ongoing benefits for Save The Children Doctors Without Borders Conscious Alliance please tune in – turn on – and glitch out - much love! _/|_ namaste! tags = #thenextlevelradio #weekly #internetradio #glitchfm #ongoing #visionaryart #bassmusic #glitchhop #begreenrecords #internet #streaming #benefit #conscious #sustainability #theavataravii23 #vii23 @glitchfm @thenextlevel23 @crunkecowear @begreenrecords @VII23 #lukebrown #spectraleyes #androidjones #camerongray #parablevisions Past featured guests and friends of the cast would include: 2NUTZ Ali Berger Akara - Ana Sia Atomic Reactor Beats Antique Big Gigantic bioLuMigen Boombox Chemdawgz Cloud-D David Starfire Dawn Safari Deadbeat Desert Dwellers DJ Dakini - DubColing Eliot Lipp EOTO EPROM EROTHYME Fast Nasty Faust and Shortee Fisk aka Treethugger Freq Nasty Ganja White Night Ghettosexual Godlazer Grimeatron Heartwreck Heyoka aka Andreilien Ill.Gates Irieyes Jamie Janover Jpod The Beat Chef Jumbafri kll smth Knight Riderz KNOWA LUSION - Krooked Drivers Kruza Kid Love and Light Lulacruza - Marty Party Mikey Fisher Mimosa Miraja Mochipet Mr Bill Nadasound NiT GriT Ohm Wrecker Papa Skunk Parvata Pericles Pete Miles Phutureprimitive - Pressha Project Aspect Proper Motion Protohype Random Rab Reddot Retrotation Rigzin - ROLAZ S.P.E.C.T.R.E. s1nth3sis Samples Sattva sAuce Savoy Seied Shamanic Technology Shortee Skyless Sluggo Snubluck SoDown Sonic Geometry Soulacybin Sporeganic Static Addict The Avatara VII23 The Digital Connection The Human Experience - Tripmendous Two Fresh Tymk Unlimited Gravity VibeSquaD Wyatt Lamond Zapper Zeropointone and more!

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