The New Candys + Shred Dibnah + The Shrines // The Riverside - [Free Entry]

 27 May
 The Riverside
 1 Mowbray Street - S3 8EN - Sheffield - United Kingdom
 Tom Burgoyne
The New Candys 33,3% Rock + 33,3% Roll + 33,4% Psychedelia from Venice, Italy. "Their song 'Meltdown Corp' it’s an absolutely jaw dropping track. In fact, I had not heard of them until this, and I was online ordering their album before the song was even over. And then I played the song again. And again." Levitation, 2015 "New Candys’ chemical recipe verge more on a psychedelic drift, like their beautiful LP 'Stars Reach The Abyss' showed a couple of years ago. Hypnotic and sedated with 'Dark Love', faster and acid pop garage with 'Surf 2'. The quartet know how to write a song and keep the good vibe on, wisely dosing vintage and ideas." Komakino, 2015 "Dysfunctional trip, 'Meltdown Corp' by New Candys from Venezia, conjures gorgeously dislocated, psych-soaked abyssal plains." Backseat Mafia, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shred Dibnah (full live band) This will be the most perfect, lasting pleasure. Come with a strong determination to abandon your attachment to all worldly contamination and attain permanent liberation with Shred. Shred Dibnah will leave school early to perform. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shrines The Shrines are a new band from Sheffield infusing 60's psych-surf-punk with dreamy melodies and hypnotic drones.

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