The New Caledonia Winter Cruise June-August 2015

 05 June
 Sydney - Coffs Harbour - Noumea, cruise and return!
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 Peter Edington
With the passing of April, the cyclone season ends and cruising yachts all over the South Pacific get underway again to visit those beautiful Pacific Islands. Of course, Australia's nearest, truly foreign, Pacific Island is beautiful, tropical New Caledonia. While New Caledonia is not really much further away than the Whitsundays, there are no blue-ringed octopus, no box-jellyfish, etc, etc. So that makes it the ideal place to snorkel or dive on some amazing coral reefs. Added to which you can dunk warm croissants into real French coffee (sold by the bowlful) and enjoy the total foreign experience. So The Ocean Sailing Club yacht will be taking off from Sydney in June to spend a few weeks exploring the coral reefs, bars and cafes of New Caledonia. Join us! Contribution of $110/day. Accommodation and food included. The cruise will comprise four mile-building sailing legs and two 1-week Relaxed Sailing cruises around the coral reefs off the South coast of the Island. The schedule is: 400 mile leg, 'relaxed/mile-building' from Sydney-Coffs Harbour early June 900 mile leg, 'mile-building' from Coffs Harbour-Noumea mid June 2 separate week-long cruises for those who want to soak up some winter sun, snorkel and generally just have a lazy time 900 mile leg, 'mile-building' from Noumea-Coffs Harbour in late July 400 mile leg, 'relaxed/mile-building' from Coffs Harbour-Sydney in early August

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