The Mitten Bar Presents: Fremont John w/guest, John Merchant

 03 June
 The Mitten Bar: A Michigan Ideology
 109 W Ludington Ave - 49431 - Ludington - United States
 Fremont John Ashton
I just know this is gonna be nuts! Get there early. We're back!!!!! I'm coming back to The Mitten and back to the Wednesday night duo/guest artist shows. This is the first night of the season. My first guest again, this year is none other than the ever popular indie Country/Blues/Rock-a-Billy/ Rocker, John Merchant! Okay, enough about Fremont John, let's talk more about John Merchant. I love watching John Merchant perform because he's just so damned into it. He's got all those classic rocker moves and faces 'n' stuff. He's a much better picker than he allows himself to believe and he can sing, too. And you never know what he's going to sound like or, who, when he sings. Sometimes, I hear Dylan and then, I hear Mellencamp or Petty and then, I hear.....hell if I know. But he always rocks! It's in his DNA to rock. He's got the Rocker gene and Rocker jeans, too!. He's one of the most popular entertainers around and it's for very good reason. As your Entertainment Director for the night, I strongly recommend you get on down to The Mitten Bar: A Michigan Ideology and drink your fill of that fine craft beer they offer up and get a load of John Merchant, this week's guest artist with Fremont John. You're gonna thank me later! We've done this before so, it can be said with some certainty that my opening statement contains words of wisdom. Come early.

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