The Midland Bike Race (formerly L’Eroica)

 16 May
 Hwy 300 to Main Street to 330 E to Silt
  - - -
 Debbi Margaret Terwedo-Eversole
The Midland Bike Race (formerly L’Eroica) is coming through Collbran Saturday May 16th around noon so be early. They are starting their “King of the Hill” section in Collbran. ISN'T THAT GREAT? They will use the parking lot next to the Auditorium for the staging area. Adults and kids are encouraged to welcome them to town and period dress is encouraged. I will wear my Little House on the Prairie and applaud to welcome them. The riders and their support volunteers are great people to meet and get to know. BUSINESSES. You can use this opportunity to entice the riders and their entourage to stop in and enjoy all Collbran has to offer. We really want lots of people to SET UP LEMONADE, WATER, SNACKS stands or other goody stops on the route. Just be sure to set up in a safe location. Please talk this ride up with the local businesses and folks around town. CALL MARGARET 773-1916 or TOWN HALL if you have questions.

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