The Memorial and Cinco De Mayo Feeding of the Less Fortunate event

 31 May
 Angela Saunders home and then 16th and between J and Island
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 Andres Aguilar
STILL NEEDED STILL NEEDED Updated as of 5-15-15 11:27am ------------------------------------------------------ 40 loaves of 20 ounce bread (the bread costs $1.19 or less at Wal-Mart) if you would PLEASE not buy the 16 ounce bread the LESS FORTUNATE would appreciate it!!!! THANK YOU again IN ADVANCE again 4 cases of Bananas Smart n Final ($16 a case) 8 boxes variety crackers (45) count 3 boxes (200) count jellies ALSO we are in NEED of cash and GIFT CARDS for the families we are sponsoring on a monthly BASIS please get with me to give or look forward to our new PAYPAL account coming this week. thanks Food for Less and Ralphs are great gift card stores (not as expensive as vons) ty in advance ALL SPOKEN FOR SEE YOU TMRW MORNING Item already spoken for not affecting count up top -------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Beef bologna packages George has Sidni has 4 case water Jackie has 4 cases of 35 + count water 1 box (500) count mustard Lisa 10 loaves 20 ounce+++++ bread Mari 500 count paper bags Maura 10 loaves 20 ounce bread Olivia 2 peanut butter Ines 4 cases 35+ count water Tamara Markey 7 boxes (50) count potato chips Julie 2 boxes of (200) count mayo Monica 6 Jars of Creamy Peanut butter 40 ounce or larger Tina's Journey

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