The March Against Monsanto in Canoga Park

 23 May
 Lanark Park
 21816 Lanark St - 91304 - Canoga Park - United States
 Philip Joffe
This is actually a March Against BIO-TECH, March Against Monsanto is the traditional name. OBJECTIVE: To educate & warn this world about how the Monsanto Corporation and other bio-tech firms, are poisoning us by genetically modifying our foods, and profiting from it. March Against Monsanto is a global call to action, Come join over 3.5 million people, in over 600 worldwide actions. WHY MARCH: - Protect our food supply and consumer rights: Label GMOs or Ban it. - Protect our local farming industry. - Expose and stop the cronyism between big business and the government. - Bring accountability to those responsible for this mass poisoning, based upon the pretext of corporate profit. GOAL: Connect, educate, and activate communities' awareness, effective and collective solutions-making to fulfill our common visions and goals to stop the Biotech Industry's corruptive ways. IN CANOGA PARK; the objective is twofold; 1] to bring a major worldwide event to a smaller area, in this case: a distant suburb of Los Angeles, CA. I did the same last year in Van Nuys. Thereby making it so that Valley residents need not travel such a long distance to get to a march. and 2] to present to participants Alternate [if not healthier] courses of eating, as opposed to the Chemically Adulterated, Geneticly Modified, Nutritionally Altered slop that is the standard American diet. And where to get it.

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