The Mansion Tel Aviv Pride

 09 June
 Hotel Metropolitan מלון מטרופוליטן
 Trumpeldor 11 - 6380303 - Tel Aviv - Israel
 Diogo de Sa
The Mansion arrives in the gay mecca of the Middle East - Tel Aviv, Israel With its beaches, its climate and its athmosphere of non-stop partying, Tel Aviv has become the new gay summer destination. ★★★ The Mansion At this time, our adress is a nice and very well located hotel, not a mansion. The reason is there is no big, modern and well located houses close to the beach -- where all the guests want to be mostly -- in Tel Aviv. Don't worry: we can guarantee having a for us, a few steps from the beach, plus all the oudoor activities will make together will keep the Mansion Experience the same level. And you will love it. ★★★ Pride and parties For 10 days, Tel Aviv will be flooded with rainblow flags while Hilton beach become the epicenter of the celebrations. This year, Forever Tel Aviv presents the fourth edition of Forever Tel Aviv Pride. Also for the second time at Tel Aviv Pride there is a pool party. In this case, a Water Park Tel Aviv hosting “PAPA The Sailor Man”. As last year, for both events, you can expect groundbreaking production to accompany the biggest names in dance music, headlined by the one and only international sensation Offer Nissim. For more details & booking:

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