The Manchester Opera

 20 May
 The Manchester College (Shena Simon Campus)
 Chorlton Street - M1 3HB - Manchester - United Kingdom
 John Brown
The Second Year ALARM production of 'The Manchester Opera'. Show times will be 2pm and 7pm on Wed 20th May and Thurs 21st May at the Sackville Theatre at The Manchester College Shena Simon Campus. The Manchester Opera tells the story of the high profile criminal known as Mac the Knife and follows his daring journey through the dark and dirty underbelly of a Manchester that has been left in the shadows until now. When Mac decides to marry Polly, the daughter of the cruel, corrupt, "business" driven Peachum family, he unknowingly starts a viscous rivalry and with a visit from Her Majesty The Queen on the horizon, it escalates into something even Mac might not be able to control. With the help and hindrance of loved ones, loyal friends, brothers in arms and old flames, will Mac be able to save himself from The Peachum's master plan, or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew...? The box office is open Mondays, Wednesday's and Fridays between 9am - 12.30pm. Ring 0161 279 7268 and ask for Hailey and tell her which show you'd like to book for. Alternatively e-mail Hailey on and leave your name, contact number and which show you'd like to see. Tickets are £10 and £5 concessions (students, under 15s and over 60s) Matinees are free for students. Cast 1 - Wednesday 2pm and Thursday 7pm Thomas Vernal - MacHeath John Brown - Mr Peachum Neea Powell - Mrs Peachum Milly Corbett - Polly Peachum Tom Mannering - Tiger Brown Ela Ustel - Lucy Brown Sarah Marie Ward - DS Smith Connor J. Matthews - Charles Filch Niamh Stutchbury - Sylvie Tawdry Alex Williams - Matty Esther Watts - Billy Thomas Hay-Owens - Jack Paul Henry Harrison - Teddy/Rudi Rob Guffogg - Jimmy Katarzyna Derlak - Jenny/Bobby Jenna Watkins - Liberty Voice/Sammy/Royal Official Alex Edge - Bobby/Sarah Parissa Zamanpour - Lisa Lucy Baker - Katie Cat Richens - Lorraine Emily Chadwick - Debbie/Mickey Cast 2 - Wednsesday 7pm and Thursday 2pm Paul Henry Harrison - MacHeath Rob Guffogg - Mr Peachum Esther Watts - Mrs Peachum Parissa Zamanpour - Polly Peachum Thomas Hay-Ownes - Tiger Brown Catherine Richens - Lucy Brown Lucy Baker - DS Smith Alex Williams - Charles Filch Emily Chadwick - Sylvie Tawdry Connor J. Matthews - Matty Neea Powell - Billy Tom Mannering - Jack Thomas Vernal - Teddy/Rudi John Brown - Jimmy Alex Edge - Jenny/Bobby Jenna Watkins - Liberty Voice/Sammy/Royal Officer Katarzyna Derlak - Bobby/Sarah Milly Corbett - Lisa Sarah Marie Ward - Katie Ela Ustel - Lorraine Niamh Stutchbury - Debbie/Mickey

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