The Lyme Quilt

 30 May
 Atlanta, GA, United States
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 Nancie Brengle
To create a lyme quilt with the survivors and ones who passed. To honor us. The fighters, who fight for better treatment, better laws and a better future for those with lyme disease. Size of the square - 6" square Color - Red for survivors, Green for memorial( remembrance ) Kind of material- cotton Please leave a 1/4 border around the edges to allow for sewing Deadline: I would love to have ALL patches turned in by the last week in March. There have been many examples posted of patches that have been turned in, but essentially I am asking for the squares to be original. Whatever may strike your fancy .~ You can out your name on it if you would like or the date you became sick or diagnosed, ~You can represent your state by adding the area you live. For those having a hard time coming up with ideas a friend of mine has graciously offered to make patches for those who can not. Some of them has been posted below. Her name is Angela Tactikos Furlong, you can PM her with the details of your square. Again if you are surviving lyme please use RED. If you know someone who has passed from Lyme and would like to make a quilt square those are to be done in LIME green. The address has been pinned to the top of the page.. Blessings!!

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