The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys + Quiet Loner

 16 May
 The Kings Arms
 11 Bloom Street - M3 6AN - Salford - United Kingdom
 Jezebel Music Presents
The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys return to The Kings Arms in Salford on Saturday 16th May. It used to be all about Sundays, but time stands still for no cowboy and if Thursday is the new Friday, then Saturday is...well you can work it out. Quiet Loner is the very special guest for the evening. Tickets are on sale now at: The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys In the dark and dismal early 80's, before you were born and when Britain was still in black and white, 3 men had a vision, a dream and indeed a calling. Somehow, The Thin Man, Clive Mellor and Mog decided it was their life's vocation to make people love country music. Before Alt Country, before New Country before Americana and before a million hipsters wore Johnny Cash T shirts The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys were formed just to let people know the truth. Hank Williams, George Jones, Gram Parsons, The Louvins etc had a body of work that any one with a heart, a soul and a hard luck story would love. Turned out the plan worked and after turning Chorlton Irish Club into a regular venue and packing it out every week the cowboys' reputation and alongside it the love of country music in the North West grew. The Cowboys more or less called it a day in the 90's but realised that they enjoyed each other's company and the joy that came ( to them and audiences) from bashing out their unique blend of Country, Cajun and Western Swing so occasional gigs were played, often more by accident than design. Since the rebirth of The Cowboys at the start of 2013, things have been eventful to say the least, they've played in a cave, a Lad's club and a Tiki Bar. The band owned The Kings on Sunday nights and the Klondyke on Thursdays. They dressed in style for Clive and Hazel's wedding, soundtracked a short film at Sounds From The Other City and even made it over to Sheffield. Along the way they also managed to pick up some fine auxiliary Cowboys and had some very special friends playing along. "They may well be penniless, but whilst they continue to play some of the most joyful, energetic and downright danceable Western swing in the UK they won't ever be lonely." Larry Gott (James) 'People still talk about the Beatles residency at Hamburgs Star Club... Ditto the Velvet Underground regular as clock work engagements at Max's Kansas City!? Me? I'm still talking about the Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys residency at the Kings Arms Salford....AND IT'S NOT EVEN STARTED YET!!!' Marc Riley (6 Music) 'These Cowboys may be lonesome and penniless but they are rich in spirit and ways of rockin a tune that will always win them friends worldwide - their take on country classics brings a toe tappin good vibe all the way from Memphis via the M60 - a great night out, guaranteed to leave you with a smile in your face and a song in your heart' Scott Carey (Paris Angels/Radio Republic ) ' Many folk felt that Country music died with the passing of Patsy Cline or that old country schmoozer Jim Reeves. Others thought that the more recent passings of Mr Cash and Kitty Wells spelt the end. Beyond those gravestones and fare thee wells were another breed. A breed they called the Lonesome, the Penniless, the Cowboys. They make music that keeps Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson sleeping on their backs with one eye open.' Paul Heaton (Songwriter) ' Would you like a Jamesons? ' Tom Baker (Timelord) Quiet Loner QUIET LONER is the pen-name of songwriter Matt Hill. Quiet Loner sings songs about love and fear, life and death, despair and hope. On a live stage Hill is an understated yet powerful performer delivering a show that is emotional, political, occasionally angry but nearly always gentle and human. Inspired by the storytelling traditions of American folk and country music (he doesn’t hide his admiration for Van zandt, Prine, Waits or Kristofferson), Hill’s songs also have a distinctly British lyrical bite (he loves Morrisey, Bragg and Costello). His most recent album ‘GREEDY MAGICIANS’ is a collection of contemporary protest songs seething with disgust and shot through with melancholy at the state of our coalition-led nation. Recorded in May 2012 in front of a live audience at Sacred Trinity Church in Salford, the powerful songwriting draws on Hill’s own family history to tell a familiar story of struggle against power. In 2013 he performed at Manchester’s People’s History Museum in a special show telling the story of the album’s creation. He was invited by Billy Bragg to perform on the Leftfield stage at Glastonbury Festival where he appeared in a songwriters circle alongside Bragg, Amanda Palmer and Sean MacGowan. Hill has long been a familiar figure on the UK’s Americana and scene and his debut album was voted Americana UK Album of the Year 2004. His second album SPECTROLOGY (2010) topped the Americana UK album chart and got 4-star reviews from the likes of Uncut and The Daily Mirror and radio play from BBC6 Music. His live credentials have include support slots for Lambchop, Joe Pernice, Neko Case. Richmond Fontaine, Mark Eitzel and Chris Mills.

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