The Kulture of Hype&Hope - Spring | Earth Edition

 16 May
 De Gouvernestraat
 Gouvernestraat 133 - 3014 PM - Rotterdam - Netherlands
 The Kulture of Hype&Hope
The Kulture of Hype&Hope is back with the Spring | Earth edition! 16TH OF MAY.. Poppers and Hiphoppers are you ready to take home the golden TKOHH t-shirt?! The Kulture of Hype&Hope is organized four times a year to develop the skills of all dancers in battle, knowledge and jam (Hypest Cypher). We stand for our culture and represent real Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. This editions will be a special lecture by: Kevin "PARADOX" Oelen. If you are amazed by his philosophy, words of wisdom and loves his dance.... now its the time to listen to his story! Check our Facebook page and join the real community!! AFTER THE KULTURE OF HYPE&HOPE 19:00 SDK PRESELECTION STARTS AT THE SAME LOCATION. STYLES: HOUSE, POPPING, LOCKING, KRUMP SDK Holland 16 & 17 Mei 2015 ___________________________________________ DATE: MAY 16TH (SATURDAY) DOORS OPEN AND REGISTRATION: 12:00 - 12:30 LECTURE STARTS: 12:30 EVENT CLOSES AT: 19:00 SDK STARTS AT THE SAME LOCATION AT: 19:00 DANCE CATEGORIES SPRING | EARTH EDITION: 1vs1: HIPHOP (MAX. 60 REGISTRATIONS) 1vs1: POPPING (MAX. 60 REGISTRATIONS) MAX. 120 REGISTRATIONS, 60 EACH STYLE LECTURE: Kevin "Paradox" Oelen HOST: Leal Arazzi SHOWCASE: Dimension & Shaquille JUDGES: Dimension - The Kulture Kids / The Alchemists (HipHop) Shaquille - X-GEN / The Alchemists (Popping) DJ: LA-NO PRIZES EACH CATEGORY: €100,- cash ILL goodie bag >>>>> GOLDEN THE KULTURE OF HYPE&HOPE T-SHIRT ONLY FOR THE WINNERS.<<<<< _____________________________________________ DAMAGE AT THE DOOR: HYPE&HOPE € 10,- SDK + HYPE&HOPE € 17,50 SDK 2 days + HYPE&HOPE € 25,- If you want to participate mail your: NAME & STYLE SIGN UP HERE: MAX. 60 REGISTRATIONS EACH CATEGORY, SO SIGN UP NOW! _____________________________________________ LOCATION: De Gouvernestraat De Gouvernestraat 133 3014PM Rotterdam _____________________________________________ WE WILL SEE YOU THERE! STAY TUNED! The Kulture of Hype&Hope

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