The Kirkwood Sunday Ride: Bike to Work Week ends; riding bicycles once again frowned upon

 17 May
 Taproom Coffee
 1963 Hosea L Williams Dr SE Suite R106 - 30317 - Atlanta - United States
 Steve Luxenberg
This past week was Bike to Work Week, so we saw many novice riders pulling their dusty Schwins out of mothballs for their rides from the parking deck to the office. It's okay; the more folks that understand in some small way what we go through, the better. Now we can get back to being the outlaws that we all love to be (I dunno, maybe it's just me). We start pedaling at 9am, whether you are present at Taproom Coffee or not. If you need time to situate yourself, please do us a favor and don your spandex before you leave the house. We ride from Kirkwood out to Stone Mountain, do a few loops around either Silver Hill (in scenic Smoke Rise, GA), the Rock itself or both. We then return to Kirkwood via a slightly different route, and some brave souls will eat brunch at one of our favorite local establishments, weather permitting. This is not a no-drop ride, though we welcome people of all abilities. If you believe you may fall back, or would like to ride off the front, a cue sheet is available under the group's Files. Cue sheets are not provided at the ride. Typically we ride in two informally-formed groups: 'A' group: 16+ mph 'B' group: 13-15mph Helmets required; rules of the road followed; if riding with earphones, leave left ear open. See you there!

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