The Kids Are All Right : What Does Sex Positive Parenting Look Like?

 17 May
 Northbrook, IL, United States
  - 60062, 60065 - -
 Monique Darling
We've all spent time and energy on our journeys learning to be more open, more accepting, more understanding, more sex positive. How do we bring our children along on that journey while they're still busy growing up? What will they think as they come along? Will they be all right? Love exchange $20 prepaid online, $25 at door. RSVP here : Madelon Guinazzo, Monique Darling, and Peter Petersen and Roxy Carroll will step you through some of their most uncomfortable, most Conscientious, most rewarding conversations with our own families as we figured out that our kids' paths did not automatically mirror our own. We'll demonstrate that respecting our children as individuals and emphasizing that people are more than genders, races or orientations and modelling that by accepting them and their friends for who they are helped lay the groundwork for giving them the expanded tool-kit we all sometimes take for granted. We've offered them, through direct role modeling, sophisticated communication, a better ability to connect with and understand others, and the strength to withstand other people's perceptions and opinions even when that may present as fear and judgement. We'll touch on our discussions about privacy and exposure, even about how we've discussed this panel with our children and negotiated consent to relay their experiences to everyone. This panel is for parents and for everyone in the Sex Positive Lifestyle who will ever work, partner with, or advice in any capacity.

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