21 May
 SPIRIT VENUE For All Things Spiritual
 73 Lunns Way - 02360 - Plymouth - United States
 Betty Sarmento
(Here it is. Thanks to all you who signed up on faith. You will just love this class!!) Many beliefs teach that your life on Earth is unguided and that you are alone. In this class, you will be presented with the truth of the existence of the many universal beings that assist you on your journey and the interaction that exists between your world and the world of the Creator. We will discuss how we are seen as souls experiencing Earth and learn about the miraculous way of life that we are awakening to. This class will be the introduction of the book “The Absolute Force” which Pauline Pearson channeled from the universal being SaLuSa during 2012 and 2013. SaLuSa has now given permission to share the teachings presented in the first chapters and to discuss the love and thought that goes into a soul’s journey. Join us on May 21 for the first in a series of classes discussing the truths presented in the chapters of THE ABSOLUTE FORCE. Cost: $35

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