The Inner-Self Healing Experience

 16 May
 Salt Lake City, Utah
  - - -
 Spiritual Healing with John Korpi
Saturday MAY 16th, 9am-6pm. Salt Lake City UT Seating is Limited, Snacks & Light Lunch will be provided. RSVP REQUIRED By Friday MAY 15th at 5pm! Call John to RSVP & Register 801-871-5541 One Day Healing Intensive Be honest with yourself! Are you still holding onto pain in your heart? Are there things you can't seem to easily forget? Things you just can’t seem to release from your heart? Have you done things that you deeply regret? Or anything in your past that you feel embarrassed or ashamed of? Spiritual infections, like natural infections, will fester and grow worse if left untreated. Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) for over 25 years has revealed that 80% of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. Thus these problems can only be overcome completely by complementing worldly efforts with remedies in the spiritual dimension. This explains the overwhelming importance of spiritual healing in solving problems in one’s life. With this one day Intensive you will experience Relief from the spiritual and emotional pain you have been carrying around for far too long. Improved relationships with yourself, your significant other, your family & friends. A new sense of inner-calm, peace, love and happiness that goes beyond anything you have ever known. Quieting the negative self-talk in your head! You know that voice that tells you how bad, unworthy, and undeserving you are. And much much more... At this powerful intensive we will be Clearing the approximately 3,800 Chakras throughout the body and Auric Fields Clearing the Energy Meridians and all the Energy Systems of the body and spirit Healing cracks, tears, leaks, worn or thin spots in the Aura Releasing Spirit Attachments Releasing blocked emotions and stuck negative energies Forgiveness of those who have wronged you, and Forgiveness of one’s self Soul Retrieval – Returning fragments of the soul that detached because of painful experiences Releasing and Repatterning Generational Issues Breaking Vows of poverty, suffering, self-sacrifice, and other limiting beliefs Learn Grounding and Protection techniques to shield & protect yourself from negative energies This one day intensive truly has the power to change your life and bring you gifts and blessings you never thought possible. Seating is limited! Snacks and light lunch will be provided. Only $150 per person, RSVP to reserve your seat today Address of location given upon registration Contact John to register today while seats are available! John Korpi 801-871-5541

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