The Imperfect Pearl by Mark Latimer and Whitehouse Productions

 16 May
 The Barbour Institute
 High Street - CH3 9PX - Tattenhall - United Kingdom
 Cheshire Rural Touring Arts
The Imperfect Pearl is a Baroque musical drama which tells the re-imagined life story of obscure Italian composer Domenico Zipoli. Zipoli left his growing success in Rome in 1717 to face an uncertain and dangerous sea journey to South America and a precarious future in the Jesuit Missions of the South American jungle, modern day Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. For more than 200 years thereafter his life was shrouded in mystery until, in 1972, 5,000 pieces of his music were discovered in a Bolivian Church toilet. Hear of his fascinating life accompanied by beautiful music from Italy and South America. To buy tickets call: 01829 771 374 / 01829 771 649 Suitable for all ages

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