The Hamletmachine

 19 May
 Burton Taylor Studio
 Gloucester Street - OX1 2BN - Oxford - United Kingdom
 Emily Norcliffe
This one’s got skulls, murder, incest, choking, vodka, revolution, hallucination, and a ghost. The Hamletmachine is a postdramatic masterpiece of late twentieth century theatre. Heiner Müller, - frequently described as ‘theatre’s greatest living playwright’ (less so since he died) - wrote ‘my main interest when I write plays is to destroy things’. The Hamletmachine destroys Hamlet. It is dark, comic, violent, erotic, nonsensical, nonlinear and derivative. It quotes T.S Eliot, Andy Warhol, Charles Manson, William Shakespeare, Ezra Pound, and Coca Cola. It’s never been performed in Oxford. Come and see. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERFORMANCES: 19th-23rd May at 9.30pm TICKETS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR: Heiner Müller TRANSLATION: Marc von Henning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAST: Hamlet: Tommy Siman Gertrude: Georgie Berriman Ophelia: Clara Davis Horatio: Lulu Williams CREW: Director: Tom Wells Producer: Emily Norcliffe Technical Director: Alex Newton Marketing Manager: Ruth Spencer Jolly Choreographer: Connie Treves Makeup Assistant: Aude Hillion

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