The Golfe du Morbihan and Home

 17 May
 Vannes, France
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 Bessie Ellen
This voyage presents a short Biscay crossing aboard a cargo ship of a bygone era. Become part of Bessie Ellen’s voyage crew, standing watches, reefing sails and taking part in navigating and all aspects of a wooden vessel as she journeys home from Brittany after a week in the gulf. During our voyage we will aim to visit a number of the islands off the coast of Brittany giving us time to stretch legs, discovering lighthouses, beaches cidre and a tranquillity that is Brittany. Some favourite stopovers, Belle Isle, Groix and the lesser know Houat and Hoedic boasting magnificent white sand beaches. Morbihan or Mor Bihan is an inland sea lying approximately 150Nm from Finisterre. Each tide the sea rushes through the narrow entrance to fill a vast area of navigable waters for both deep water and shallow draft vessels. Littered with small islands, many now privately owned by high society French, Isles aux Moines and Ile d’Arz still hold small fishing communities with an industry based on oysters and fishing. The climate here is so gentle that huge pines dominate the islands and quaint traditional villages are filled with the scent of Wisteria blooms. We think, that whoever joins Bessie Ellen for either voyage or the whole passage, will leave having had a wonderful experience of working a sailing ship, seeing nature in her element, learning new skills and making lifelong friends in the heart of these wooden walls. 5 days, £550 per person Voyage No: BE170515 Start port: Vannes/ Arradon End port: Newlyn Spaces: Available

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