The Giant Claw / APE

 17 May
 Kilkenny AleHouse
 27 Central Ave - 07103 - Newark - United States
 Lowell Craig
The Giant Claw: 1955 The Giant Claw is the Citizen Kane of bad science fiction. Strings, stock footage, cannibalizing scenes from many other films, inane dialogue, the most hilarious monster ever and ATOMIC SPITWADS! APE: 1976 Mind numblingly bad - awful acting, awful special effects, awful music, and awful moviemaking raised to a level of sheer awfulness that can make your head explode. This film made the cover of the Razzie Guide to movies and deserves it. One supreme moment - the ape flips the bird to the army. You have to see this to belive it. $5 food special- $8 pitcher of Rolling Rock "GRACKLE"

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