THE GEORDIE APPROACH (Noruega/UK) + MARESTI (Bizkaia) - Sentinel, Erandio.

 15 May
 Sentinel Rock Club
 C/ Legazpi 4, Bajo - 48950 - Erandio - Spain
 Brown Haundia Kolektiboa
Kontzertua! THE GEORDIE APPROACH (Jazz/Noise/Avant-garde. Norvegia) "THE GEORDIE APPROACH released their debut album “Why Eye” on Simon Fell’s French label Bruce’s Fingers back in 2007. The album generated great reviews in both Norway and The UK, as well as several other corners of the world. This is what critic Tor Hammerø writes in Jazznytt: “The music is experimental and gets its inspiration from a range of sources – both acoustic and electric – both rock, jazz and noise… I have some small doubts about the suitability of The Geordie Approach as a warm-up band in St. James´ Park. Nevertheless: this is tough, original and different.” In Jazzwise the band is curiously depicted as “a little like Scorch Trio and Supersilent playing dance tunes for brain-damaged ravers…Call it noise-funk if you like.” Critic Eyal Hareuveni wrote on that “the players pursue their incessant and tribal-metallic drumming, funky guitar acrobatics with heavy doses of distortion, and inspired noisy ambient-grooves; but all sounding as though converging organically into one close musical sphere…Original and daring.” THE GEORDIE APPROACH is a collaboration between the two Norwegian musicians Petter Frost Fadnes and Ståle Birkeland, teamed up with guitarist Chris Sharkey, a Geordie born and bred. This uncompromising and experimental trio pursues music within loose improvisational structures, adding a surprisingly broad range of flavours to their overall sound world. Their creative ideas grow within a large and open musical ‘space’, and the trio has a reputation for adapting and utilizing their performance space in an extremely effective and engaging manner. In their untiring quest for brilliant and unusual musical destinations - Birkeland, Frost Fadnes and Sharkey produce musical elements that often are contradictory in shape, moving between melody and noise, ambient grooves and abstract textures. THE GEORDIE APPROACH has performed across Europe in everything from a Church music festival, to an abandoned Tabacalera in Madrid, art galleries, improvisation clubs in Germany and The UK, squats in Amsterdam and Malaga, concert halls, jazz festivals, a flamenco club in Cadiz, as well as over 130 school concerts across the west coast of Norway." MARESTI (Elektronika/Experimental/Drone, Bizkaia). Musika elektronikoaren esparruan kokatzen den proiektua da Triames, handik eta hemendik hainbat sesio egin eta erreferentzia plazaratu dituena. Oraingoan bere alde esperimentala aurkeztuko digu, Maresti izenpean, hain zuzen. Bajo el seudónimo de Triames hay un proyecto de música electrónica muy activo por estos lares, con un buen número de sesiones y referencias a sus espaldas. Esta vez dará rienda suelta a su lado más experimental con Maresti, adentrándose en terrenos en los que la exploración y búsqueda de diferentes texturas, intensidades, tonos... cobran mayor protagonismo a la hora de llenar el espacio. Maiatzak 15 de mayo (ostirala / viernes) Sentinel Rock Club, Erandio. 21:00 - 7 euro.

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