20 May
  - - -
 Jeffrey Robert
The seasons, they go round and round and here it is Spring. Please join us for May's The Gay Uncle Time as we present the LADIES OF THE CANYON. Wrapped in songs and gypsy shawls we will paint and weave stories and tunes to pour down the canyon and color up the sunshine hours. There will be laughter, tears, joy and beauty and we are giving it all for free. Well, for five bucks - but that is practically free these days. The Fabulous Special Guests include David Johnson on guitar and voice, Anita Goodmann in full songbird mode, Gloria Schwandive (Justice Aaron McCartney) serving warm notes and scales, Elicia Sanchez giving us the gift of laughter and Rodney Pond/Feral Red getting us back to the garden. There will be candles. And possibly macrame. And cats. We open our doors to you, our beautiful guests at 6:30 PM. We will share our hearts and souls with you starting at 7:00 PM 21 and over, please Five dollars We are Stardust We are Golden

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