The Four Pillars of Self Love

 16 May
 Encinitas, CA
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 Kevin Dalfonzo We invite you to join us on a road of self-discovery. The more we awaken to our own inner love, the greater well spring of love we have to nurture our relationships and share on purpose with the planet! You will be supported through a tribe! We will remind you that you are LOVE, how to maintain, sustain, and create the loving changes for a sustainable relationship with self and others. • Do you truly love yourself unconditionally? • Do you spend time each day on self-care? • Do you rely on others to fill up your love tank? • Do you feel over-whelmed, stressed out, and is your mind filled with a laundry list of to-do’s? • Do you need support to up-level your life? We believe that by activating Divinely guided self-love, we can open to receive and allow our life purpose to illuminate each step. We have a combination of over 15 years of personal, spiritual growth work, practices and tools to reveal blocks, limiting beliefs, and conditioning patterns. The time is NOW. Your life is waiting for you awaken to your dreams, visions, and desires. It starts with the simple yet profound step of honoring yourself through self-love. Together as a tribe, we will support one another through the journey of self-realization. Whatever your definition of success is, it is achieved from the inside out! It really is an inside job. The Four Pillars Of Self Love workshop is designed to share tools and practices that help heal our Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies. Included in this workshop will be: • Yoga • Meditation • Movement Exercises • Exercise & Nutrition Workshop • Neuro Linguistic Programming Workshop • Chakra Workshop • Spiritual Healing/Reiki Workshop • Kirtan

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