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 02 June
 Web-based. Anywhere you are.
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 Lasara Firefox Allen
All genders welcome! The *Fivefold Goddess* is a revolutionary new archetypal system that encourages a more flexible, more versatile relationship with the female divine. Where the threefold model is based in the biological, the fivefold is rooted in the non-linear, flexible, lived experience of women in the New Aeon. Moving from the biologically defined, hetero-normative, gender-binary based maiden/mother/crone system, we ask questions and find answers that move us into a more comprehensively empowered, powerful, and self-defined, SOVEREIGN system of divine expression and representation. ***This seven weeks long, WEB-BASED course and initiation cycle*** will begin with an intro gathering – accessible by live computer video and voice classroom environment, AND/OR phone -- on June 2. We will then continue with weekly group discussions, PLUS a ritual of initiation every week for five weeks – one initiation ritual per each of the five archetypes. Also included for your support, education, fun, and comfort, is access to an interactive discussion group available 24/7. The registration rate - a sliding scale of $299 - $399 - includes all instruction, ongoing access to video recordings of our gatherings and rituals for your future use, and electronic publications on the theme. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE! REGISTER HERE: Register now and get EARLY REG bonuses: * A FREE half hour, one-on-one coaching session - valued at $90 - only five available! * A Love Your Yoni Eggs egg (limited to stock on hand) - valued at $45 - seven available * Entry in a drawing for a full length, hour long, one-on-one coaching session or tarot reading - all who register * A SIGNED COPY of The Fivefold Goddess once it's published. (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2016.) REGISTER NOW: Everyone welcome, though registration ratio will be kept at less than half male identified people. If you are a make identified person and want to be in the course, REGISTER NOW! Questions? Ask me here, or personal message me.

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