The Eureka Munch

 14 May
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 Molly Kholin
Interested in hanging out with cool kinky people? The Eureka Munch is returning again on Thursday 5/14!. We'll be in the private dining area at our usual location. Whether you are just interested in kink/BDSM, new to kink/BDSM or fully active in the lifestyle, we welcome you. RSVP at What is a munch? Typically, a munch is an informal gathering of people who are interested in BDSM, often held at a restaurant, coffee shop, or other public, vanilla space. I like to think of it as kinky networking. In Humboldt, you will also find people who are interested in things other or more than just BDSM, such as swinging, public sex, kinks outside of the BDSM umbrella, and more. RULES Confidentiality & Privacy: Don't talk about who attends, or what they said without explicit consent. Additionally, it's polite to give people your contact information instead of asking for theirs as a way of respecting privacy. Dress Code: Wear vanilla clothes. You may be comfortable being out, but others aren't, and you could inadvertently out others at the munch by association. Touching: Yes means yes. Make sure you have consent before any kind of touching. This includes pats on the back and hugs. Just because someone was okay with being touched by someone else doesn't mean they're okay being touched by everyone. Behavior: Respect boundaries around people's personal lives. Some people are 100% out about their kink. Other people could lose their jobs or kids. If someone isn't comfortable talking about their vanilla life, change the subject. And if you're not comfortable talking about your vanilla life, that's okay. Cruising: Munches are not for hooking up. The point of a munch is to meet new people and reconnect with the people you already know, not to find someone to take home with you that night. Disclaimer: The munches are not in any way screened. *Everyone* is welcome. Most people's first foray into the world of kink is through a munch and they are meant to be inclusive for this reason. As awesome as the kink scene is, there is no guarantee that all the people attending are cool, interesting, smart, kind, nice, sexy, or any of things you might wish them to be.

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