The dynamic DA - Canberra

 28 May
 Canberra, Australia
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 Prime Practice
Your DA can make a massive impact on your success! Uncover the potential of your DA which is vital for a successful and smooth running practice. Elevate the role of your Dental Assistant: - Understand the important impact your DA has in the treatment room; - Learn how to raise the DA’s profile in the practice; - Discover how your DA can support the dentist at each point in the patient’s journey; - Teach the DA how to run a morning debrief, including all preparation and transfer of information in the treatment room; - Teach the DA how to handover from the treatment room to the front office in a way that is aligned with the patient’s treatment plan. Build trust with patients: - Teach the DA and Dentist how to become skilled at listening; - Use PrimeSpeak tools to give the best possible customer experience to each patient. Australian clinicians are required to make their own assessment as to the number of non-scientific continuing education hours each course provides. Accredited with CPD points from NZDA.

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