The Doctors Are In

 29 May
 Hilton Garden Inn Des Moines/Urbandale, 8600 Northpark Drive, Johnston, IA, US
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 Angela Gray
Order tickets via Eventbrite: Want to hear more about creating a healthy lifestyle - straight from the experts? During the Doctors Are In - you will have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Ladd McNamara on why USANA may be a solution to enhance your health and improve your life. LADD McNAMARA, M.D. Ladd McNamara, M.D. is an author and international speaker on the subject of health and wellness, specifically, in the areas of nutritional supplementation, for the maintenance of optimal health, stress reduction, healthy aging, and athletic performance. Dr. McNamara is originally from San Diego, California, where he now resides. Dr. McNamara practiced as a board certified obstetrician and gynecological surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia. He incorporated high-quality nutritional supplements into his medical practice, and witnessed impressive results among his patients who were struggling with various health challenges. Dr. McNamara conducted medical research in the areas of both human infertility and cancer; and his research efforts culminated in publications in well-respected medical journals. Dr. McNamara has recorded video and audio education materials about the power of nutritional supplementation. He has authored several books on this subject, most notably, “THE CHOLESTEROL CONSPIRACY." Dr. Ladd McNamara founded the Medical Advisory Board, now called, "The Scientific Advisory Council" for USANA Health Sciences, Inc. in 1997, and served on the Board for 10 years. Dr. McNamara now travels the world sharing the story and power of nutritional supplementation and the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz, founder of USANA. If you want to make healthier choices and learn more about USANA be sure to join us!

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