The Dan Leo Going Away Gathering

 13 June
 89 Sheldon Ave in Oswego.
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 Dan Leo
The Dan Leo Going Away Gathering Saturday, June 13, 2015 89 Sheldon Ave in Oswego. 2 p.m. to a later p.m., but finished by midnight please. Children allowed but mostly ignored. Please share this with friends who know Dan. BYOB and F(ood), and M(oney). There will be a whispering auction of paintings, wines, syrups from trees, etc. to raise cash for Dan’s gas-guzzling storage shed on wheels. Dan brought a truck load of enthusiasm to our little town. Let’s pack it back up for him with gratitude and five dollar bills. Our street lights will dim. Our toasters will toast weakly. And giant bully Texas gets another power grid to suck positive energy. Rain date: Father’s Day

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