The Creative Actor with Simon Edwards

 22 May
 Thornlea Studios
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 Pauline Miller
To book follow the link below. This is a 3 day workshop running 22-24 May. Friday 22nd May 5.30pm - 8.30pm Saturday 23rd May 10am - 6pm Sunday 24th May 10am - 6pm Cost: £100 per person For: actors, drama students, drama teachers, writers, directors and committed enthusiastic beginners. The contents of this Theatre workshop originate from our work with Jacques Lecoq at his school in Paris and have evolved over the last twenty years into an intensive professional physical theatre training. The workshop is carefully structured with progressive exercises and techniques that release the full creative potential of the body and the imagination of the actor. This ‘essential’ training gives a comprehensive experience and understanding of the art of acting. The ‘actor as creator’ is the core principle of this workshop. What we will cover: Presence, Space, Timing and Rhythm Movement technique Re-play of daily life Mask Work How to devise a scene (space, situation & event) The Crescendo Collective Creation Thematic Heart. What do we want to say? Mask Theatre - through mask work we develop the expressive power of the performer through stillness, movement and the dramatic attitudes of the body. By using masks in training the ability and the freedom of the physical actor becomes greatly increased. It is a territory which frees the performer to play in a heightened register. Re-Play of Daily Life–to be authentic, the actor must observe daily life and then convey these situations and incidents without exaggeration or distortion. This work with space, timing and action is a vital building block for later performance and creation. Theatre Creation and Performance–identifying the motors in the dramatic or comic situation. Working with the dynamics of a scene, playing with rhythm and crescendo. Through the skills and techniques we explore, you will develop your corporal and poetic senses. You will learn what is playable, how to construct a scene and how to work as part of a creative ensemble. In any given performance situation you will be able to get the most out of yourself as a performer and as an artist. Past participants have applied this physical theatre training into both the devising of new work and classic text based productions. Simon Edwards (U.K.) has worked internationally in theatre for over thirty years, as an actor, clown, director and teacher. He trained at the Jacques Lecoq theatre school in Paris and has been a core member of Kneehigh Theatre, for whom he directed Skulduggery, Arabian Nights and Telling Tales. He has taught at many festivals and congresses around the world including the UK, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, the USA, South Africa, Iran…Simon is a founder member of the Actors Space where, as well as other workshops, he teaches ‘The Creative Actor’. Over the past 20 years UK based Simon Edwards and Marian Masoliver (Barcelona) have travelled the world, taking these unique workshops and courses with them. Simon and Marian have taught acting and directing courses in many European countries as well as the USA, South Africa and Iran.

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